Mpow Flame noise cancelling headphone in ear (Review)

Mpow noise cancelling headphone in Ear


Product Description


Mpow Flame Noise Cancelling headphone in ear

Mpow noise cancelling headphone in ear are featured with stereo sound paired by high definition and unparalleled rock-solid bass. These sports in ear headphones keep the ears protected from damages in peak conditions, whether you’re getting drenched in sweat after a grueling workout.


Mpow Flame has built-in CVC 6.0 noise cancelling earphones with mic. You can enjoy a longer period of workout with  7-9 hours of continuous battery playtime.


Mpow Flame noise cancelling headphone


TYPEIn-ear                         WIRELESS: WIRELESS        CORD LENGTH: N/A

Good Ones and Bad Ones 


Good Ones
  • Mpow headphones have better sound quality with 11mm drivers.
  • Waterproof IPX7 technology proetct it from Sweat and Rain.
  • 7-9 hours of playtime.
  • 1.5 hours of charging time.
  • Built-in CVC 6.0 noise-canceling microphones.
Bad Ones
  • Not ideal for people with small ears.
  • The sound cuts in and out when my phone is in my pocket.
  • Very large and Boxy.
  • If you change device you have to manually reconnect Bluetooth.
  • It does not pair with my laptop very well and will occasionally cut out.

Key Features of Mpow Flame Headphone


Bring Music Where You Sweat

Thanks to the IPX7 sweatproof rating, Mpow sports earbuds keep the headphones protected and in peak condition whether you’re getting drenched in sweat after a grueling workout.


True High Definition Sound

Drawing on extensive research and development, Mpow headphones features stereo sound with high definition and unparalleled rock-solid bass. Let your favorite songs drive you forward.


Always Stay Comfortable

Ergonomic and shallow in-ear design, soft silicone ear hooks, and memory foam ear tips bring secure fit without hurting your ear, enables the comfortable wearing experience.

Portable Gym-ready Carrying Pouch & Cord clip

Come with an EVA bag with cushioned interior which allows you to store your earbuds safely and prevent the scratches in your training routine. The cord clip can shorten the wire to fit your back neck or head, because the long wire may bother your move and cause a stethoscope effect.







Overall I think these are a good pair of headphones if you need something inexpensive and have your expectations set realistically. $20 generic headphones are not going to measure up to a $150 brand name pair in the long run.

If you sweat like a hog in the summer sun and listen to podcasts, audiobooks, or just really, really need your own music and aren’t worried about pristine sound quality, these work fine. If these are your first wireless workout headphones and you find that you are using them a lot, you will probably be thinking about upgrading to something nicer in a few months.

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