How To Prevent Earbuds From Breaking? 6 Useful Tips

Why should it worth reading the article on “how to prevent earbuds from breaking?” We have seen many queries where users are complaining about the quality of headphones and give a bad experience impression. Some of you may have bad experiences but you don’t need to blame the quality of earbuds every time. Sometimes breakage happens when you handle the earbuds carelessly. We have the top 6 tips for you and hope will help you to enhance the life of your earbuds.

Top 6 tips on how to prevent earbuds from breaking

Prefer Quality

When buying a headphone make sure you do not compromise on the quality. Quality earbuds have average higher prices than regular ones. Cheaper earbuds are made from plastic material while quality headphones are made from metal, synthetic plastic, or sturdy plastic materials. This material is not just make them flexible but follow the long lasting durability as well.

Must Unplug the jack after using

The most common reason for breaking earbuds is when you forget to unplug the jack when not in use. If you don’t unplug the jack it may damage the cord of the internal circuit of earbuds. As a result of the damaged circuit, you will not get the quality sound or even lost it completely. So do not forget to keep the jack unplugged and keep them in a safe place.

Do not Pull the cable From Jack

You have to be very careful when plugin or plug out out the jack from device. Sometime when we plug out the earbuds jack from computer or mobile or any other device we unknowingly pull the cable. If pull the cord to unplug the jack it can damage the cable, cord or device jack as well.

Keep the earbuds in a case

The next tip on how to prevent earbuds from breaking is to keep them in a case because it will protect the earbuds from breaking. Some of the cases available in the market provide some extra level of shield against shocks and friction. It will also keep the cable tangle-free.

Always choose the right cable length

When picking up the earbuds make sure to choose one with the right length of the cable. You have to choose the cable length that is comfortable and reliable. It should not longer that can be stuck on other things or shorter that can put stress on your ears. A longer cable length has a higher resistance value and you will get lower sound quality.  A standard 3.5 mm Jack earbuds have a cable length of 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters long. 

Do Not Use Them In Water

Moisture or water can easily damage electronics. Most of the electronics brands claim that their product is water-resistant but in reality, they are water repellants. All you have to do is to prevent the earbuds from moisture or water splashes. Do not use your electronic device for long periods in rainy weather. Even if you have waterproof headphones, do not let them be exposed in the moist area for a long time.


We hope you have read our guide on how to prevent earbuds from breaking. We hope this guide will help you find the best solution. No doubt technology has enhanced the quality of earbuds/headphones. There are flexible, durable and quality material earphones are available in the market. Quality earphones/earbuds are a little bit expensive and have some improved features like water resistance and flexibility. But first of all, you should keep the earbuds safely and handle them with care. If you do things properly your earbuds can easily last for more than a year.