How do you think about a gaming laptop?

The laptop PC is a kind of personal computer that can be carried with more ease while traveling or sitting on a couch. The best laptops for pc gaming are portable machines that are smaller in size and can easily settle in the lap of a person while playing video games.

Gaming laptop

Most of the hardcore video gamers prefer high-end gaming desktop for the mainstream gaming experience. Now,  manufacturers built advanced technology to enhance the performance of the best laptop for video games.

It all comes on to how much you are ready to spend for your gaming console with regard to specific requirements. For the best gaming performance, you have to spend some extra money to get the best gaming laptop.

Is gaming Laptop really worth? 

The query always storms around in our mind why should we pay extra money for gaming laptops while the best desktops for gaming provide us exact gaming experience. The best laptops for gaming are built-in with highly engineered components along with colors, lights, and established logos.

At the end of the day, it all relies on your choice of what you are looking for price, power, battery life, webcam, processor, speed, or LED lights. Both gaming laptops with their PC counterparts come very close to each other when we are reading the reviews and guides for comparing features.

Laptops for Gaming or gaming desktop, which one is better?

It all depends on the gamer/user which one they want to deal with. Every machine has its own high opinion and structures that can satisfy the on-hand experience of uses for playing games. Like every gadget gaming laptop and gaming desktop as there on pros and cons.

With the continuous evolution in gaming technology, likings also deviate regularly. Some games need changing things that happen to make gaming laptops more viable. Searching out which machine is best of the lot we have listed down some key factors that help you to sort out your choice.

Gaming Laptop Gaming Desktop
Highly portable for mobile places Sticky machine inconvenient to carry
Smaller in size Larger in size
Highly engineered components built-in Mostly need customization for better components
Customization cannot execute easily Highly customizable
Higher in price Higher budget constraint but lesser than Laptops
Short term battery life Can use as long as you can
HD display but the screen is smaller than Desktop HD resolution display can use with large screen
Progressively increasing gamers pool Recommended by most of the gamers

Key features to look down for gaming laptop

  • Ram selection (Primary memory)
  • Storage memory (SSD or HDD drive)
  • Graphics card (GPU)
  • Processor (CPU)
  • Resolution (Display)
  • Convenience
  • Battery life
  • Customizability
  • Sound
  • Price/Budget

RAM SELECTION (Primary memory)

Random-access memory (RAM) used for the primary memory of a computer. RAM performs the functions of transport/retrieves data from storage drives. If you want to enjoy a boom in your gaming involvement then it should not be lesser than 8GB. With 16GB memory you able to meet the requirements of playing rich interface games like GTA V and other battlefield games.

STORAGE MEMORY (Secondary memory)

Storage memory is often practice operations of storage the data from RAM encoding to retrieve it for future commands. It is essential to have a high-quality storage drive for improved working.   Most of the experts have opinions; if you want to run in a smooth you should have SSD (Solid-state drive) and HDD (hard disk drive) both in the same machine.

SSD drive will help you to speed up loading off your computer while other files will be stored in a hard disc drive. While you are sorting out your preferences for gaming laptops hard disk drive should have a storage capacity of 1TB.


A graphic card also called GPU is the stimulus of all functions in a computer to run graphics in overdrew speed. Graphic cards display images of your games graphic in a discrete way to find ideal speed on delicate graphics memory. GPU’s main function is to minus the stress of loading and transfer of information to run games efficiently.

For mainstream games, NVidia G Force GTX 1060, for mid-performance games NVidia G Force GTX 1070 and hardcore games ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 2080TI are suggested competent graphics cards available in the market.


A Central Processing Unit/ CPU is a central controller of every computer and considered to be the brain. It controls all the functions from Data control to the data store. In a gaming laptop core, i5 and core i7 with 6th generation thought to be suitable. Depending on your budget, you can get a very powerful Core i7 CPU or even one that you can overclock such as the Intel Core i9-8950HK.


What is the point of having the best feature in a gaming laptop is its display resolution. Mainstream games/high-performance games need a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Because of their high frame rate LED screens with a size of 17- 18 inches are effective. Gaming laptops with a screen size of 15.6 inches can also be deliberated if you travel frequently.


Most of the laptops offer you a 6 hours backup time and the only feature which prevents gamers to take them as a first choice gaming device. Now, manufacturers are considering laptop power as an ultimate intention to get an advantage over their competitors.

There are the cutting-edge machines in the market that can give you a backup up to 12 hours which somehow satisfies the necessities of gaming.


Gamers favor those gaming technologies to deliver the prospect of high customization according to their requests. In a gaming desktop, you can customize easily for what you want concerning your storage capacity, graphics card, and even CPU. On the other hand gaming laptops or difficult to customize because of their complicated structure.

If you require any modification in your gaming laptops you should have appropriate knowledge Components of Gaming laptops are highly engineered and more exclusive than desktops.

Whenever you are thinking about customization make sure that you have enough resources. You also have to deal with experts to make changes in your machine according to your prerequisite. With the growth in the market, companies provide you better built-in resources for future laptops according to your gaming essentials.


All the Tech gadgets are known for their versatility factor in affection to their color, size, and LED lights. Like all tech devices gaming laptops also having distinct facilities concerning design, color, and shape. Highly engineer components like colorful keyboard, lighting logo, wider 4K resolution screen and, LED light added value of an eye-catching project.


Mainstream games involve sound quality as a valuable feature plays a vital role while you play high-end games like GTA V and Battlefield. You have to listen to every single sound to tackle down your opponents. You have to choose a specific gaming laptop that provides you a better sound quality.


Last but not least is a price constraint concern.  If you are planning to buy a gaming laptop or even desktop you should think about a high budget in your pocket for a better gaming experience. You should not have to rely on low budget gaming machines and must go for high-quality gaming laptops. Efficient gaming laptops range differs from $800 to $5000.


The tech industry is generating new ideas and improvements in day by day progress of best laptops for pc gaming. Now manufacturers always think ahead of their customers and try to navigate all the development needed to enhance the overall experience of end-users.

As a result, of all the explanation given above, we are come to point that if you want flawless gaming then you should go for high-quality gaming laptops. You might also consider battery life as the top-notch constraint of selection. You won’t find many laptops that can last more than a few hours.

If you are going for anything classic or low intensive games then dedicated graphic chips do not matter but for high intensity, it does matter. A processing chip with 6th generation core i5 and corei7 supported by 8GB of minimum RAM set you for selecting a better gaming machine.

It is also worth to look down the refresh rate while you are going for the resolution side. A gaming laptop provides with widescreen HD display of 17-18 inches is ideal and 15.6 inches is more than all right.

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