KZ AS10 noise canceling headphones

Are you reluctant to upgrade your listening habits with the best in ear headphones? Follow a review guide for KZ AS10 headphones to choose the right audio supported gear. KZ AS10 noise-canceling in-ear headphones are newly launched with improved design and material quality. You will find KZ AS10 wired headphones better fit to your ears.

KZ AS10 in ear noise canceling headsets allow you to adjust the tips of earbuds easily according to your ear structure.  These in-the-ear headphones have better clarity of sounds than regular headphones and the instrument separation is perfect. You can clearly and distinctly hear the drums, vocalists, bass, guitar, percussion, without any issue.

best in ear headphones
KZ AS10, headphone with Mic
KZ AS10, headphone without Mic

Good Ones and Bad Ones

What you Like?
  • This headphone offers you the best quality of sound.
  • 5 balanced drivers per side, enable detailed sound.
  • 3d printing Ergonomically designed earbuds
  • The AS10 has a better impact, speed, and overall agility.
  • These headphones have a strong Bass.
  • Perfect for musicians and vocalists.
What you don't Like?
  • It is perfect for jazz and rock, but not for bass, like electronica.
  • The round part of the casing hurts my ears a bit.
  • It doesn’t seem to work on any of the PCs or Laptops.
  • The cable seems to tangle easily with the ear hooks

Key Features of KZ AS10 best in ear headphones


KZ AS10 in the ear headphone dedicate to give you the best sound with 5 drives balance drives per earpiece. This Wired headphone adopts 3D printing design technology which guides the sound in two individual earbuds.


This headphone lets you use it comfortably with the detachable 2 pins paired with a braided cable and ergonomic design. The AS10 provides you a better impact, speed, and overall agility. You can clearly and distinctly hear the different sounds at a single time without any issue. 


The bass is nice and present – it doesn’t pound away at you as some ‘bass-boosted’ earbuds or headphones do, but the bass is definitely there. You will be able to differentiate the bass/lows from the mids and highs in a truly unique way.


Features Headphone with Mic Headphone without Mic
Value for money 4.7 4.7
Material quality 4.7 4.7
Sound quality 4.6 4.6
Comfort 4.2 4.2
For working out 4.2 4.2
Noise cancellation 3.8 3.8


The KZ AS10 is the best in the ear headphones provides you a clear, balanced, and rich audio experience to listen to your favorite music and videos. If you are looking best headphone under $100 with The noise-canceling feature that disables the external voices to enter through the ear canal.

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