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The gaming industry is persistently introducing new features, graphics, and modes of play. Most of the network games require contestants’ attention and communication. If you are spending your leisure time in gaming you definitely need the best headphones for video games along with other gadgets. Nowadays technology realizes the preferences of human nature and innovates new ideas to cop it.  The best headset for video games allows hearing any single voice while you are playing with the noise-canceling feature.


Best Features in Gaming Headphones

Why should I buy a headphone for video games?

Xbox and high-end games required collaboration between teammates for flowing instructions and strategies to terminate counterparts. Nowadays various headphones available in the market generally give you better sound radar and advanced technology, especially for serious video gaming contenders.  Headphones with microphone enable-feature make you capable of judging even a small sound/gesture of opponent and instruct your teammates accordingly.

By going through expert advice and previous studies we are able to understand the reasons affect the quality of a noise-canceling headphone for video games. While selecting the best gaming headphone It all depends on your perceived standards what you are looking for. We are analyzing some of the general factors below that make a  headset best for gaming.

 Headphones for gaming pc features


Comfort and Fit

If your headphone has sufficient comfort then you will enjoy the gaming overpoweringly. Comfort is fundamental because if headbands have tightened the skull leads to headache.

Headphones for pc games should not loosen also that fallout easily while you wearing them on your ears. The padded earcups with leather or any other comfortable material protect your ear canal from rubbing and rashes. The padded earcups set you to wear your gaming headphones for longer times.

Quality of sound

If you have a pair of headphones with great sound quality you will have a comparative edge on your competitors. With the vast advantage of sound quality, you will surely have an eye on the movement of your rivals and can check to break with your surprise entry.  When you start examining out for the best gaming headset the first thing that comes in your mind is a quality of sound.


over-ear headphones for gaming should be durable enough that you can carry for long without the worry of damage or breakage. Durable headphones are costly because of expensive material that can protect them from breakage or damage.

If plastic reflected to be a source for your headphones for gaming selection then you determine to go for metal constructed. A headphone manufactured with filmy is cheap plastic can easily break out.

 Microphone Enabled headphones

As you know multiplayer online video games demand communication to plays a dynamic measure of your gaming skills. A gaming headphone with a microphone lets you and your game fellow clearly understand the strategies.

Wireless  or Wired

When you trade-off between wireless or wired headphones you might feel a matter of confusion. Let’s assume you are in the middle of your game in the night and you forgot to put on your headphones for charging imagine what will happen if it runs out of battery.

The factors above influence the subject of selecting wireless the best headphones for gaming lowers the probability. If you are using this generation gaming console then wired headphones are an ultimate choice and if you have a decent desk for gaming PC then you should go either of both.

Sound Isolation

Sound isolation is a mechanism when the flow of external sound particles restricts to enter the internal cord of your ear canal. Isolation can help you to play well in battlefield games where small sound matters to tackle your enemies’ movement. Low-quality isolation can charge you poorly by distracting your focus from playing games.     So, always go for gaming headphones that can detach you from ambient voices.

Open back or Closed back

It all rests on the user which one he favors with respect to his desires. Both open-back headphones and closed-back headphones can be used for gaming purposes.

If you want to hear the voices of adjacent and want to wear the headphones for a longer period of time then you should go for headphones with open back.

While headphones with closed-back consist of larger earcups that cover the entire ear body. They help you to restrict external sound to enter in-ears. The drawback of using headphones with closed-back that they can carry sweat around your ear and you can not put them for long.

If you are a serious gamer then you should go for close back gaming headphones because they will isolate the external ambient sounds and let you concentrated on your game with more attention.


In the electronic world price and quality are two head-to-head influences that can go reciprocal.  High-quality gaming headset cost you are a bit higher than other normal headphones. Cheap headphones can provide you lower voice quality and if you want premium then you should go for high-quality headphones.

Best headphones with mic under 100



Headphone Name Wireless or wired
 Amazon Basics Lightweight On-Ear Wired Headphones
Hyper X Cloud II Gaming Headset – 7.1
Steel Series Arctis 3 (2019 Edition) Gaming Headset
RUNMUS Gaming Headset PS4 Headset
HyperX Cloud Flight – Wireless Gaming Headset
6 ONIKUMA Gaming Headset for PS4 wired
7 Beexcellent Gaming Headset for PS4 Xbox One PC wired
ZIUMIER Gaming Headset PS4 Headset


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In this article for the best headphones for video games discussed the various factors that should consider while making a decision to buy one for yourself. Whether you are listening to music, playing video games, taking video lectures or even making a video call you to need the best headphones with the noise-canceling features. So,  stick around in your computer/mobile for a few minutes and analyze features, good sound quality and durability, comfort and fit, and, your budget.


How would you like to describe the importance of headphones for a video game? Share your opinion in the comments.

What is the difference between Music headphone and a Gaming Headphone?

A Music headphone is rounded shape and based on a bass factor, While most gaming headphones are noise canceling to listen to the small voices without disruption.

Can normal headphones be used for gaming?

The normal headphone can not use as gaming headphone but good music headphones with noise canceling features can be used for gaming.

Do headsets improve gaming?

Gaming headphones with noise canceling features allows you to hear the small sounds, even the footstep of your enemy by preventing external sounds to enter in the ears.

What headphones should I look for gaming?

1- Amazon Basics Lightweight 2- Hyper x Cloud 3- Steel series Arctis 3 4- RUNMUS gaming headset 5- Beexellent 6-Onikuma 7-ZIUMIER


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